My name is Jochen Gererstorfer

This is what I do…

Jochen Gererstorfer
Jochen Gererstorfer

Blogger Pilot is my take on online marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), WordPress and blogging. I write about what I do for 20 years. I just love my job.

Kurs Profi is a content project about e-learning and LMS (learn management system). I was always a big fan of online courses, but still haven’t published my own.

iPhone Forum is one of my oldest websites, which is still online. I have started this project before the Apple iPhone was even up for sale. On its heydays, the forum had about 100,000 users every day.

Slot Nerd was a hobby of mine, but got abandoned before some years. Collecting the 1:24 racing cars is still fun, but driving not so much anymore.

My WordPress plugins:

BloggerPilot Title Search: Search for posts, pages and CPTs only in the article title.

MyBB Cross-Poster: This was my first Plugin, but it is discontinued. The good old form days.

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